Card Reading | Soulful Life
"The gift of an image is that it provides a place to watch your soul." ~ James Hillman

Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “When we assert our intuition,

we are therefore like a starry night:

we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes.”


Creating cards is truly nourishing, satisfying and fun activity in itself, yet the true heart of the SoulCollage® process lies in CARD READING.  It is only when we begin to read from our cards that we get to really know our cards and ourselves better. Through the cards we are able to connect with our own wisdom and learn to listen to it. We always read cards exclusively for ourselves, never for somebody else. In the beginning, when you do not have your own cards, you can read from somebody else’s cards, but you still do it for yourself. Not the other person for you.

What we do during card reading is really stepping into the energy of the card. We become the card – we merge with its energy and then speak from this place. It means that you are speaking from or through the card, not about it. Trust the process, the images will lead you!


What Seena Frost says about the “I Am (the) One Who. . .” Gestalt-like exercise:
“The “I am One Who” exercise is a powerful way to interact with a SoulCollage® card. Using this phrase either verbally or in writing, the card creator imagines entering the image(s) on the card and viewing the world from the perspective of that person, animal, or object. Allowing words to flow spontaneously, the card creator repeats the “I am One Who” phrase to describe sensations, thoughts or feelings associated with the card images. This process can feel scary or strained at first, but it accesses a deeper part of ourselves, offering insights about our inner being that might otherwise have remained dormant or ignored. […] Such exercises offer a way to bypass our controlling mind and let a deeper, more vulnerable part of ourselves gain a voice and achieve recognition.”

Example of card reading:



I am an ancient flower. I used to be very beautiful and open. When I was blossoming, everybody admired and enjoyed my enchanting colours and fragrance. Now I am old, dry and bound to stone and earth. I would like to fly away like the violet butterfly, but I can’t move. Now I am just a pattern of nature.

I am a violet butterfly, I can see there’s a flower, but it is dead and trapped. There’s no nectar in it any more I guess I have to fly away to find another one.

I have a beautiful voice, I am a star, ready to shine. But there’s no-one to see it, no-one to hear it. I am a singer, I’d love to sing the song of my soul. I am passionate, juicy and full of life. I think I need to leave that old dying beauty behind.

Maybe I am not dead, maybe I am just asleep and need the butterfly to come to me and kiss me the kiss of life.





I am the one whose body is made out of the star dust

as well as the dirt of earth.

Do I belong to heaven or earth?

Sometimes I feel I can fly aimlessly and weightless through the Universe,

other times I feel the heaviness of being human.

I also feel the glowing power hidden in my core.

I am strong, indestructible, immortal.

I may look tough, firm and closed on the outside,

but my inner universe is fragile and fluid. Other times, I am perceived as vulnerable,

but inside me I can rest upon my inner power.


Questions you might want to ask your card when you journal with it:

Who are you?

What do you have to give me?

What do you want from me?

Is there anything else you would like to tell me now?

You can also try interviewing your new card, if you like:

1. What are you good at doing?
2. What makes you laugh? Cry?
3. What makes you angry?
4. What do you fear? What is your worst fear?
5. What would be the most rewarding thing you could imagine doing with your life?
6. When did you come into my life and for what purpose at that time?
7. What is your favorite color because . . .
8. You favorite food because . . .
9. How do you like to dress because . . .
10. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation because . . .
11. What do you think of my (best friends, husband, children . . .)?
12. Who do you like least and most in my life?
13. What do you think of my: career, health, life style, hair style, hobbies, friends, family, children,
finances, food intake, use of alcohol/drugs?
14. What would you like more of? Less of??
15. What would be a perfect life?
16. What is your mission or purpose?
17. What are your hopes? Dreams?
18. What do you do when I’m not aware of you? What are you working on? Working for?
19. What inspires you?
20. What else would you like me to know

“The intention of a SoulCollage® reading

is to provide a way that our personal and powerful card images

can actually speak aloud to us about important life questions.

Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds

and nudging our deep Soul wisdom

where intuitive answers can be found and spoken.

Doing a reading in a supportive, small group is especially powerful

because Souls love the silent embrace of witnesses.”

~ Seena B. Frost, the founding mother of SoulCollage®


In the videos below you may enjoy listening to Seena Frost talking about the Indra’s Net & the Transpersonal Cards. I love listening to her words of wisdom, maybe they will inspire you, too:



“There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe.

The horizontal threads are in space.

The vertical threads are in time.

At every crossing of the threads,

there is an individual,

and every individual is a crystal bead.

And every crystal bead reflects

not only the light from every other crystal in the net,

but also every other reflection throughout the entire universe.”

~ The Rig Veda



Indra’s Magnificent Jeweled Net

A traditional Buddhist and Hindu story, over 7 000 years old

Far, far away, in the abode of the great god Indra, king of heaven, hangs a wondrous vast net, much like a spider’s web in intricacy and loveliness. It stretches out indefinitely in all directions. At each node, or crossing point, of the net hangs a single glittering jewel. Since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. The sparkling jewels hang there, suspended in and supported by the net, glittering like stars, dazzling to behold.

Close your eyes, now, and imagine what this magnificent jeweled net looks like, spread across the vast expanse of space. Now, keep your eyes closed and move in close to one jewel in the net. Look closely, and you will see that the polished surface of the gem reflects all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number, just as two mirrors placed opposite each other reflect an image ad infinitum. Each jewel reflected in this gem you are gazing into also reflects all the other jewels, so that the process of reflection is itself infinite.

Now open your eyes, and know that you are a sparkling jewel in Indra’s Net, as is every person around you. Every jewel is connected with all the other jewels in the net; every person is intimately connected with all the other persons in the universe. Each has an independent place within the net and we all reflect and influence each other. A change in one jewel—or person—produces a change, however slight, in every other. Realize, too, that the infinite reflections speak to the illusory nature of appearances. Appearances are not, in fact, reality, but only a reflection; the true nature of a thing is not to be captured in its appearance. However powerful that appearance might be, it is yet only a reflection of what is real.

In addition, whatever you do to one jewel affects the entire net, as well as yourself. You cannot damage one strand of a spider web without injuring the entire web, and you cannot damage one strand of the web that is the universe without injuring all others in it, whether that injury is known or unknown to them. This can work for good or ill because, of course, just as destructive acts affect the entire net, so do loving, constructive, compassionate acts affect the entire net. A single helpful act—even a simple act of kindness—will send positive ripples across the infinite net, touching every jewel, every person in existence.

“I truly believe that creating our SoulCollage® cards

and sharing them in groups adds positive energy to this cosmic vibration,

and will help humans move into the next paradigm.

We may not be able to see it, but perhaps,

if we look up at the night sky,

we can be reminded and reassured of the vastness of Indra’s Net,

and, as individual jewels,

continue to create and share compassion

and hope and humor and love.”

Seena Frost