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"The gift of an image is that it provides a place to watch your soul." ~ James Hillman


Who I am is very fluid and changes, maybe evolves, almost every day.

Many things stop being important to me as the time passes

and as I seem to be moving more and more towards the core (and back)

and towards what matters the most. So just a few hints. 😉

Leela Victoria Sedláčková

  • Fellow traveller on the path of life who loves exploring the depths of the Soul. Mystic, visionary and fool. Double Aquarius with Moon in Scorpio.

  • I fell in love with SoulCollage® as it immediately felt as an answer to the calling of my soul. It offers me something that I have been seeking for a very long time, it serves me as a very unique mirror of my soul. Through this simple, and at the same time truly magical, process, and through the abundance of insights and synchronicities that come with it, I am, for the first time in my life, learning to be able to surrender to what and who I really am.

  • It keeps amazing me how SoulCollage® naturally connects the things that I love the most – exploring the landscape of the Soul, studying the nature of individual (and collective) destiny, contemplating the unique calling and mission that each of us came here with; creativity, love for beauty and art; works of C.G.Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, C.P.Estes; chakra work, work with totem animals and archetypes, as well as working with the personal and collective shadow, changing the paradigm, spirituality, awakening of the divine feminine (and the masculine), the sacred, images.

  • I learn most from my life experience…the human journey through the peaks and valleys. I am learning to understand the dark nights of my soul, comprehend their message; I perceive them as very important to the human life and evolution of the Soul.

  • I am learning to embrace my own Shadow and thus contribute to the healing of our collective Shadow.

  • I am learning to respect my need to live in seclusion, to spend time alone, to have “a room of one’s own”.  At the same time I give myself permission to be seen now and then, because sharing oneself with others holds a deep meaning.

  • I am learning to be faithful to myself, to my soul essence and to what I believe, even if it means being labeled as crazy or lunatic…because nothing hurts more than realizing that you betrayed or abandoned yourself.

  • I am learning to honour my fear and walk through it.

  • Some time ago I finally realized how much I am nourished by beauty, art and creativity. I waited far too long with giving myself permission to create my first piece of jewellery or visual art, thus I came to creating jewels from silver, necklaces from gemstones and fossils and digital pictures. I feel very drawn to japanese/chinese caligraphy and caligraphic painting.

  • I am also a therapist ( and co-founder of the Retreat Centre SAMMASATI ( where I live with my husband Premdas and our son Vítek.

  • I enjoy exploring Feng Shui and its secret as well as the wisdom of Taoism which truly captivated me. I am very curious where this journey leads.


  • I believe that the contrary of every truth is also truthful.
  • I believe that everybody has the right to make mistakes, learn from them and start over.
  • I believe that every human being is doing their best every moment of their life according to what their level of consciousness permits them to do.

Looking forward to meeting you!


You don’t have to prove to me 

how much you know, how evolved you are, 

your position in some illusory hierarchy.

I don’t need to see your certificates,

your bank account, your test scores, your resume.

You are worthy of love just by existing.

Even in the silence, you are whole.

Jeff Foster


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